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Holden VE Commodore Pricing

Set out below is the recommended retail pricing for the new Holden VE Commodore. These prices do not include on-road costs.

    VE Holden Omega $34,490 add $2,000 for air conditioning

    VE Holden Berlina V6 $39,990

    VE Holden Berlina V8 $44,490

    VE Holden SV6 $39,990 add $2,000 for automatic transmission

    VE Holden SS $44,990 add $2,000 for automatic transmission

    VE Holden SS-V $51,990 add $2,000 for automatic transmission

    VE Holden Calais V6 $45,490

    VE Holden Calais V8 $50,490

    VE Holden Calais V V6 $53,490

    VE Holden Calais V V8 $58,490

With prices like that and the expected demand for the first all-new Holden Commodore in years it will be some time before anyone starts to think of discounting. Even driving a bargain with a dealer will be almost impossible but you can still buy at a price far cheaper than anyone else and save time as well if you use a broker who can organise volume purchases and so pass fleet discount prices onto ordinary people like you.

You don’t even have to go looking for a dealer or a broker because Private Fleet can arrange for the car to be brought to you.

Private Fleet can save you plenty on the cost of a new Holden VE Commodore and you can do everything online simply by following the link to Private Fleet.


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