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• Powered by “World’s Best” engine with 507 bhp
• Genuine Supercar performance: 0-100 km/h in 4.8 s
• Impressive overtaking thrust delivers 80-120 km/h in 4.7
• Attractive, yet discrete M appearance
• Triple-layer snug fit hood opens and shuts in 25 seconds

BMW’s fastest ever soft-top, the new BMW M6 Convertible, has arrived in Australia with the first customer cars just delivered.


“The arrival of the new M6 Convertible gives us our largest and most diverse range of M Cars in Australia,” says National Special Vehicle Sales Manager, Paul Ferrari.

“The M6 Convertible is the fastest ever soft-top BMW M car, and one of the most exclusive. It is the ideal combination of Formula 1 drive-train technology and wind-in the hair motoring.

“In fact, you could say it is even closer to the full Formula 1 experience than the M6 Coupé, since both the BMW Sauber F1.06 and the M6 Convertible are open to the elements. The M6 advantage is four seats over the single-seater F1.06.,” Paul said.

The Engine
Powered by the multi-award-winning, F1-inspired 5.0-litre V10 BMW engine, officially the World’s Best, new M6 Convertible brings the joy of open-topped motoring to the acclaimed BMW M6 Coupé.

The engine was judged the best in the world on debut (in the BMW M5 Sedan) in 2005, and was re-awarded this prestigious mantle in 2006 by an international panel at the “Engine Oscars” held in Germany. No previous winner has reclaimed the title.

The new BMW M6 Convertible promises owners one of the fastest open-top cars available. Its high-thrust 5.0-litre engine produces 373 kW or 507 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 520 Nm of torque at 6,100 rpm. The redline is at a heady 8,250 rpm.

The ultra-responsive M6 Convertible will accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds and demolishes the standing kilometre run in 22.9 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250 km/h, while unchecked the M6 convertible could easily reach 320 km/h.

Stopping power is just as impressive with the Convertible braking from 100 km/h to zero in just 36 m, and from 200 km/h to zero in less than 140 m.

Engine Management
All this explosive power is driven by advanced BMW engine technology that includes Bi-VANOS variable valve technology and individual throttle butterflies on each of the engine’s 10 cylinders for optimum breathing.

Managing the engine’s operation is the MS S65 engine management system, the most advanced electronic control unit ever fitted to a car. Capable of up to 200 million individual calculations per second – a record for a production car.

A bevy of oil pumps distribute oil throughout the engine despite the high g-forces generated by the M6 Convertible, while extensive use of lightweight materials save weight.

The Gearbox
Power is fed to the rear wheels via a seven-speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) with Drivelogic – the world’s first such transmission and one that has already seen service in the BMW M5 and the M6 Coupé. The SMG system’s Drivelogic function offers the driver a choice of 11 different gear change options - five in auto mode and six in manual mode - each offering a different speed of gearshift.

On its fastest setting, the driver of an M6 Convertible can make gear changes in just 50 milliseconds – a much faster time than could be achieved by an experienced driver using a conventional manual gear box.

MDrive, activated via steering wheel mounted button, switches the M6 between regular driving mode and a programmable attack mode, that can deploy the most aggressive throttle response, all 507 bhp, Sport suspension settings, DSC off or switched to its most dynamic mode, as well as the most aggressive gear change shift programme for the Drivelogic Sequential Manual Gearbox. MDrive also deploys the unique M mode for the Head-Up Display.

Less weight equals more performance and so the M6 Convertible features the same weight-saving technology as the M6 Coupé such as thermoplastic front wheel arches and Sheet Moulding Compound, another form of hi-tech plastic, from which the boot lid and spoiler are formed. Lightweight aluminium bonnet and doors as well as suspension components save further weight.

The Body
The M6 convertible carries all the signature body enhancements as fitted to the M6 Coupé, with the obvious exception of the carbon fibre roof panel. These include the revised front, side and rear bodywork for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency and engine cooling. BMW M’s signature quad exhaust pipes protrude from the restyled rear valance.

To keep the burning sun at bay, the M6 Convertible has a triple-layered hood with a middle component of polyurethane (PUR) foam for the most refined closed-roof driving. The hood has also been designed so that the roof-up profile has a near identical silhouette as the M6 Coupé. The hood raises or lowers in a quick 25 seconds, at speeds of up to 30 km/h.

Even with its soft-top configuration, the M6 Convertible offers one of the most rigid chassis available. BMW’s renowned Variable M differential, used on all current BMW M cars, ensures the BMW M6 Convertible offers the driver the highest levels of traction and stability.

The Variable M differential permits up to 100 per cent of drive to be fed to a single rear wheel to optimise traction. In its optimum MDynamic Mode, as a part of the Dynamic Stability Control system, it permits a greater degree of wheel slip for safe and exciting driving.

The Suspension
BMW’s familiar double joint strut front axle is used on the M6 Convertible, while, at the rear, an integral axle with longitudinal arms with springs and dampers feature. In common with all previous BMW M developed cars, the BMW M6 Convertible is fitted with a hydraulically assisted rack and pinion steering. For ease of driving and manoeuvrability at slow speeds, the steering system is supplemented by BMW’s Servotronic speed-proportional steering system.

Electronic damper control gives the choice of three settings: Comfort, Normal and Sport, which may be selected via button at the base of the gear shifter, via a setting in the iDrive menu, or via the MDrive button.

The BMW M6 Convertible offers the highest standards of passive safety. A-pillars made of high-strength steel and roll bars behind the rear headrests form a top-level safety cell in the event of a rollover. Active rear seat head restraints also pop-up in extreme circumstances, should the Dynamic Stability Control system detect an imminent rollover, to provide the optimum occupant protection.

Fitted as standard with four airbags, the driver’s and front seat passenger’s intelligent airbags offer two-stage deployment, depending on severity of impact. The safety belts on all four seats come with belt force limiters and the integrated restraint systems on the front seats also feature belt latch tensioners.

The M6 Convertible is also equipped with Adaptive Headlights as standard. This innovative system turns the car’s headlights in relation to steering input by up to 15 degrees when cornering. As a result, the direction the car is travelling is illuminated for greater night-time visibility.

M6 dashboard

The M6 Convertible is further equipped with Brake Force Display and Head-up Display. The former illuminates additional lights at the rear during heavy braking to warn other road users, while the latter system displays speed, navigation, cruise control settings and check control messages in the driver’s line of sight for safer driving.

The M6 Convertible features BMW’s Tyre Puncture Warning System (TPWS) and a second generation M Mobility System (MMS). The former gives an audible and visual warning if a loss of tyre pressure is detected, while the latter provides the driver with a get-you-home method of tyre repair.

Four exclusive metallic paints – Sepang Bronze, Silverstone II, Indianapolis Red and Interlagos Blue – are available on the M6 Convertible. Other colours available include Alpine White, Sapphire Black metallic, Silver Grey metallic, Monaco Blue, Stratos Grey plus various BMW Individual colour choices.

The full M instrumentation fitted to the M6 Coupé is transferred into the M6 Convertible, including the unique Head-Up Display with its special M Mode which provides a virtual rev counter, along with current road speed.

A LOGIC7 sound system, the finest Merino leather trim extended throughout the cabin, fully automatic air conditioning and unique dash highlights complete the interior of the exclusive M6 Convertible.

white M6

The Bottom Line
The BMW M6 Convertible is priced from $296,000.

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