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Australia's Very Own Redback Spyder

Meet the Redback Spyder, a 5.7 litre V8 example of Australian design and workmanship that can achieve 0 - 100 km/h in a whisker over 3 seconds and has a top speed of 320 km/h. It's the brainchild of Melbourne based, Nick Tomkinson.

Redback Spyder

The Redback Spyder has been teasing audiences for the last four years. In 2002, a wooden mock up of the Redback Spyder was presented at the Melbourne International Motor Show. It left quite an impression.

Nick Tomkinson has built two Redback Spyder’s since then. The first, built within a two year time span, was sold to an American fan, who just had to have it. The second was built within a six months time frame, in time for the 2006 Melbourne International Motor Show, 9-19 February. The Redback Spyder, proudly Australian built, has come full circle and is a showcase vehicle for the Motor Show.

The Redback Spyder is set to be wooing audiences, tantalising serious car lovers and revving up petrol-heads across Australia and you can catch a first glimpse of it on February 7, as it leads a stunning parade of Melbourne International Motor Show Supercars through the streets of Melbourne.

For those of us outside Melbourne, all is not lost, because The Redback Spyder will be touring Australia and will be on show at all the major Motor Shows around the country throughout 2006.

For all the technical details and an in-depth look at what goes into making a car like this stop by the Redback Spyder website. You will also find a comprehensive list of the vehicle's specs and a short video clip of the car in action.

Be sure to download the video and turn up the volume when you go to play it because the sound of this car just idling is awesome and when you hear it under acceleration the windows can rattle. Yes, you will feel a quickening of the pulse.

Redback Spyder front view

Tempted? The starting price for a Redback Spyder is $A250,000 . It’s a small price to pay for one of world’s most unique and rare vehicles. Created by the passionate for those who want to live the dream.

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